Getting back into shape

After a two year break from programing, it’s nice to come back to my beloved python and see how things have evolved.

It’s mostly the same thought most projects have kept their trajectories. Python 3.7 is still almost the same althought now there is no questions about using a 2.x version, the swicht is definitely over and a library not solidly on 3.x now is a clear indication that it’s abandoned.

Django have kept it’s way, the migrations are *in*, uswgi is the way to go in most cases. Redis is still gaining tractions, nginx is the way to go unless you have a very good reason.

Lots of thing have been moving in the javascript and node continent. I would like to know it better, but there is so many things, so little time.

So the tools are definitely better, there is way more options and ways to do the same thing, but I feel the core of the problems are elsewhere.